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Green Pea Soup

Pea Soup

Green Pea Soup is ideal appetizer. It is easy to cook and very good for health.


Green peas 250gm

Spring onion 2 tbs

Onion diced 1

White Pepper 1 tsp

Butter 2 tbs

Shredded Cheese 1/2 cup

Cream 1/2 cup

Water 4 cups

Salt and Sugar to taste


1. In 4 cups of water boil Peas with spring onion, onion. Let it cool.

2. After cooling blend the peas into a smooth mixture.

3. Heat a pan, put butter, pour the mixture adding with pepper, salt and sugar as per taste. boil it.

4. pour cream and cheese, stir well the soup. Serve hot.

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